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Serving Army General From Benue State Attacked

Yesterday, Monday, the 11th of June 2018, Maj. Gen. J. S. Malu, a serving officer in the army; he was the former commander, 41 Div Engineers, commander internal security operations (Operation Yaki) in 1 Div. Hqtrs, Kaduna, the immediate past Army Hqtrs Garrison Commander (AHQ), and presently the Corp Commander, Nigeria Army Engineers (NAE), was attacked in his country home in kastina-Ala L. G. A. of Benue state.
About thirty (30) armed herdsmen came to his house yesterday night, and in a commando style immobilized the vehicles in the compound, and were about to attack, when the escorts and security to the General engaged them in a heavy gun battle; which lasted for about an hour.
The terrorists discovering and acknowledging the superior power of the soldiers took to their heels and on the motorbikes they came with. Unfortunately, the soldiers couldn't pursue them because their mobilities had been immobilized by the flat tyres.
The other day citizens were disarmed by the police, now soldiers are been withdrawn from retired senior generals who are entitled to such previledges. Police escorts are being either withdrawn or reduced from VIPs. If such occurrences are happening now, then we are truly under a very serious siege!
Officers are retired untimely and indiscriminately, with so much victimization, ethnic and religious undertone.
Is there any plan to allow people die, and then honour them posthumously? How can such impunity and injustice be allowed to continue?
It is high time this administration do the needful to arrest and prosecute immediately every form of wickedness and killings, and take serious measures to protect the innocent and unarmed citizens!! Rewrite the injustice in the army, by investigating the untimely retirements of victimized and innocent officers!!!

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