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Well, regarding our S.U.G election, this is what the P.R.O had to say


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As a combatant comrade, well groomed by Generals of Aluta, I fully understand the ubiquitous doctrine of the 3Cs in unionism.

The first C stands for Consultation, this is a show of respect to the system. The second C stands for Consolidation, this is also a sign of cooperation, but if the first two Cs failed to hit the nail, we result to the third C, this is Confrontation "operation lewon lare".

I've heard many insinuations that SUG ELECTION might not be held by the management and the Transition Committee, I first debunked it as normal rumours until I got a clue of how comrades were been intimidated by management.

Many people from the side of oppressors thought combatant comrades are no longer in the system, I beg to disagree, if the management plays with our first two Cs, we may result to the third C, and I guess it would serve as a setback for once harmonious system.

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Over years, Mr Vice Chancellor and the Division of Students Affairs have enjoyed the cooperation from the students of this University of Abuja, but our gentility should never be mistaken for timidity, we are just trying to show high level of humility for the sake of tranquility.

Section 40 of 1999 Constitution as amended says " Every person shall be entitled to assemble freely and associate with other persons, and in particular he may form or belong to any political party, trade union or any other association for the protection of his interests". With this, I beg to inform the system that unionism is not our privilege, it is our right fully protected by both domestic and international laws.

Again, I find it necessary to reiterate these to our hearings, intimidating Nigerian students that are demanding for SUG election with expulsion and rustication can only wake the devil in us, that can never suppress the emancipating spirit in comradeship.

By the virtue of our location, we can make and unmake. It will be a setback for the system for the students from the university to be writing petitions to different agencies of government on daily basis because of the system that supposed to ordinarily enjoy our cooperation.

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The management should rather listen to the yearning of the teeming Nigerian Students and give us a date for election, management should not romance with Transition Committee as if they have succeeded in sending union back to trenches, the announcement of election date is the only visible way to avert and mitigate the foreseeable perilous futurity.

Just like one Aluta General would say, If you have seen 99, to see 100 will not be a fear. To before warned is to before harmed, and again, forewarned is forearmed.

COMRADE Ogunsamson.

P.R.O of National Association of Nigerian Students, F.C.T Axis.

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